NextChapter Founder, Josh Densen, and a client collaborating

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our approach

We partner with successful leaders and mission-driven organizations during times of change.

Whether you're changing yourself or your organization, leading change can feel lonely, burn you out, grind you down, and make you question why you chose this path in the first place.

Great leaders and their mission-driven organizations partner with Next Chapter - led by successful social entrepreneur Josh Densen - to develop the competencies and practices needed to strengthen culture during times of change.


who we are

Next Chapter is a leadership development firm who partners with executives and their mission-driven organizations to grow their leadership and organizational culture to get results, strengthen connection, deepen meaning and sustain social impact.

our capabilities

Next Chapter supports leaders through executive coaching and organizational consulting.

We develop a unique partnership with each client.

Together, we:

  • Understand the current situation.
  • Create a vision for the future.
  • Build a plan for continuous improvement.
  • Leverage broad resources to execute the plan.
  • Make that vision a reality.
NextChapter founder, Josh Densen, and a group of people collaborating
our close ties
"I recently transitioned from a leadership role in the nonprofit sector to a C-level executive role at a for-profit company. Josh provided me with valuable guidance and a dedicated space to think through various scenarios, examine the root causes of the challenges from multiple perspectives, and create a plan of action to move forward. I have experienced tremendous growth over time through our sessions. I feel more confident, prepared, and effective in my current role and I know it will have an impact on future roles as well."
Roxy Pirnia
COO, EverHealth
“During our time working together, Josh provided invaluable insight and support as I navigated a new chapter in my career. I was challenged to dig deeper, be resourceful and lead intentionally. I have nothing but gratitude for the positive impact that Josh has made on my life, both personally and professionally.”
Katie Teshima
Program Manager, Sustento Group
“Josh is an immensely talented executive, a passionate and mission-driven leader, and a relentless problem solver. He is caring and compassionate, not just for his immediate colleagues, but for the countless learners that he serves and has not even met. I look forward to every project and conversation with Josh because I know we will crush goals together.”
Angie McAllister, Ph.D.
Group Product Manager, Google

our ideal clients

Next Chapter partners with accomplished executives and individual contributors.

You could be leading a mission-driven business, a non-profit organization or even an individual contributor who wants to live with more meaning.

If you believe that effective leadership creates transformational results,
Next Chapter insights
will help you:

  • Drive growth.
  • Deepen impact.
  • Make a difference for you and your teams.

by the numbers

Coaching, leading, and advising organizations and schools
Organizations, Businesses, and Schools impacted by my work
NextChapter founder, Josh Densen

Let’s talk.

If you want to make the most of the next chapter for your organization and your leadership - please get in touch.

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